My professional career includes nearly 15yrs in the music industry in Nashville and New York City, where I worked for two of our country's top music companies. As a member of their operations and management team, I worked at the senior level of concert tours and personal appearances for some of the world's mot famous names in rock, country and classical music.

I am so grateful for my days in the music industry, and having learned from the savviest professionals at the C-level. Thankfully, I took many notes, acquired a knack for calculated risk-taking, learned to negotiate and never forgot the meaning of entertainment value.


Cape Cod's first clothing exchange!!

It all applies! Wicked Thrift is not a consignment shop or donation thrift. We do not attend estate sales, flea markets or go on buying/picking trips.  Instead, we TRADE with you, the public, which supports the idea of community participation, recycling and small business development on Cape Cod. I find the personal interaction between my store and its "traders" to be an honest and fair way to achieve lower price points, create a loyal customer base and foster a friendlier atmosphere. It's all part of the entertainment!

Our History


Our Small Mighty Team

tammy venneri

Owner of Wicked Thrift & PopRock Vintage

Vintage & Trade Values Specialist


Yarmouth Store Manager

Prom & Trade Values Specialist

Wicked Thrift is a direct reflection of all that I am from my blue-collar upbringing in Greenwich, CT... to a young music career in Nashville, TN... and then to a professional career in New York City, I have learned that successful business is derived from a collective of life experience, professionalism, ethical conduct, humility and hard work.

Where did Wicked Thrift come from? 
My extreme teenage phases had titles,  such as "my Boy George phase", "my Rambo phase", "my Robin Hood phase" and "my Dokken phase". The conclusion was that all perfect things in this world included wardrobe changes and a lengthy guitar solo. 

The great thrift shops of Fairfield County and NYC helped me with costuming for each act (thanks, Mom!), where old men's overcoats, army field jackets, purple petticoats, rhinestone baubles and black bowler hats were added to my closet as treasures.  My first "big" vintage purchase, a turn-of-the-century leather top hat, hangs in my store today. It has a place of honor, for starting my craze for fabulous finds.