Flip your fashion! We buy it outright.


Wicked Thrift is the only store on Cape Cod that offers up-front cash for your clothing, shoes, costume jewelry and accessories. Have fun & rock on!




On the days listed below, we will put a sign-up sheet out at 10A. You'll need to get to the store early, as we take the first 20 people who arrive!  (DESIGNER ITEMS Scroll down for more info.)

Mon. May 6

Mon. May 13

Mon.  May 20


Mon. June 3

Mon. June 10

Mon. June 17


- 30 summer items maximum, including jewelry and accessories.

- Please fold your items neatly into ONE STURDY tote bag, box or bin (no hangers trash bags or paper bags, please).

- Participants have the option of leaving their items with us for the afternoon or waiting until we call your name.  SIDE NOTE: Every year, we offer a VIP membership to the first 100 people who sign up. We've already reached our max for 2019, but keep it on your radar for next year. VIPs get to drop off 30 items once a month at their luxury and convenience, without having to check the calendar or wait for more dates to be posted!

MOST WANTED LIST: Jean jackets of all shapes and sizes, vintage mens items, beach/pool coverups, anything flapper-inspired, Hawaiian and bowling shirts, sunglasses & summer beachy accessories, military clothing

PLEASE DON'T BRING Suits for men or women, dressy trousers for men and women, denim capris, fall/winter clothing. THE GOLDEN RULE: If you wouldn't give it to your bestie or a friend at work, in its current condition, then you should leave it at home.


Wicked Thrift will make you a fair cash offer of up to 30% to buy outright your casual clothing, shoes, accessories, costume jewelry and vintage items. NOTE: If you have something "special", we will automatically offer you consignment option at 50/50 when it sells. Don't worry! We are known for our honesty and true values *(more info on designer items, below),

VALUES: If you are not a regular thrifter/resale shopper, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with average resale prices of pre-loved fashion on eBay, Poshmark, ThredUp, etc.  Pur buyout values have many valuation factors, including brand, size, color, new with tags or worn, our core shopper and general desirability.


If you have extra special high value items, walk-ins are welcome every day, no appointment needed. If a manager is not available on the spot, be prepared to leave it with us for evaluation.

Designer bags and some other super-premium items, are eligible for a 50/50 consignment with us. We'll try to help you sell your special item for 65 days, giving it as much exposure, as possible. Our social media, fb live showcase videos and own online store have been instrumental in reaching shoppers far beyond Cape Cod. We are awesome agents!

TOP TIER ITEMS (Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Givenchy, Prada, Bottega Veneta, etc,) If you do not have original dust bag, receipt and inserts, Wicked Thrift must perform an authentication process on behalf of our shoppers. It is a $20 authentication and appraisal fee, which is waived if you choose to consign your item with us.