For the past seven years, Wicked Thrift has been the only resale clothing store on Cape Cod to offer immediate cash value for used fashion. In an effort to accommodate more sellers, we had even gone as far as opening three stores in a four year period and accepting an average of 175 drop-offs on our Saturday trade days, sometimes to the detriment of the shopping experience on weekends. In the best interest of our business model and customer service, we have decided to remove Saturdays from our trade schedule. 

To try to make up for this, we are offering "no appointment needed" walk-ins for store credit throughout the entire summer season, as well as the opportunity to acquire a VIP PASS for those of you have trickier schedules or live off Cape.  

For a $20 donation to The Fun and Adventure Fund of Cape Cod, a great cause, your VIP PASS will allow you to:

- CUT THE LINE on all other drop-off days.

- BRING FIVE EXTRA ITEMS (30 items, instead of our regular maximum of 25)

- RECEIVE 20% OFF your purchases year-round

Stop in during store hours to process your pass and start making private appointments, immediately!



You can bring a maximum of 25 items per drop-off week (scroll down to see list of accepted items). Each bag of 25 items must be represented by someone present.

Fold your items neatly into ONE sturdy tote, recycle bag, plastic bin, travel bag, shopper bag (you will get your drop-off bag/bin back) marked with your name inside or securely attached to the outside. Please no trash bags...

Please take your items off of their hangers and fold them into your bag/bin before dropping off.

When you drop off, you will receive a receipt with two dates: "ready to settle-up by ___" and "your return items will be donated to charity by ___".  Basically, it takes us about two weeks to go through everyone's drop-offs. Then you come back to "settle-up".

When you return, we will give-back any "return items" and your bag.  Then, we go through your itemized receipt of the items we accepted from your bag and the sale price. Your items have already been tagged and are on our floor for sale. Whatever the total is, you can choose to receive 30% cash value or 50% store credit, which is good through Dec.31. It is a good faith process, trusting that we use competitive resale values vs. Poshmark, ThredUp, eBay, TJ's & Marshalls. 

IF YOU HAVE SPECIAL DESIGNER ITEMS... simply bring it to our attention at drop-off or put a note inside your bag/bin for us to call you to discuss values, before those items are automatically tagged. Consignment items are a 50% split, rather than 30% cash buy-out.

As Wicked Thrift grows, we've learned a lot about the way our customer's clean out their closets. We've recently decided to adjust our trade schedule by offering many more walk-in days for store credit, as well as a chance to make private appointments (VIP Pass holders), in order to ensure that we can continue to deliver an amazing experience for both our buyers and sellers and to provide an opportunity to recycle your used fashion in a fun store instead of dropping it into some donation bins, where as much as 80% of your donations are shredded, sold by the pound or incinerated.


- Sweaters
- Boots, ankle boots, fall flats and heels
- Jeans, jean jackets and overalls
- Flannel
- Suede
- Plaid
- Lightweight Jackets
- Stylized blazers for women
- Fall tops for women 
- Mens colors and patterns long sleeves
- Lightweight leather shells (not heavyweight)
- Fall accessories, scarves, jewelry
- Men's accessories
- Purses, backpacks, wristlets and fanny packs
- Sports jerseys and hoodies

- Vintage clothing, accessories, suitcases from 1900-1990


- items on hangers!! fold them neatly into a bin or tote bag on drop off days

- winter/fall items (velvet, sweaters, coats, leather jackets except biker, bomber or fringed leathers)

- business/for the office clothing (suits, executive pieces, ties, women's suits)

- khakis/chinos for men or women

- basic plain tank tops and t-shirts

- men's collared golf shirts, except Ralph Lauren & Lacoste

- formal dresses or cocktail dresses (we will accept more cocktail/party dresses later in the summer)

Wicked Thrift is not a consignment shop. Established in 2010, we are the only store on Cape Cod that offers up-front cash for your clothing, shoes and accessories. Cape Cod has many wonderful consignment shops, but that process can be tricky for some people. Often, you do not end-up with what you thought you were going to get and some stores'  criteria and rules alienate certain brands, styles and age groups. At Wicked Thrift and PopRock Vintage, we like to keep it simple. Everyone is welcome to participate!



Wicked Thrift accepts a wide variety of styles and labels. Determining the value comes from years of experience and pushing as hard as we can on price points of used clothing, including mall brands, boutique labels and high-end designer items. Just like the prices of these items range wildly in the retail marketplace, so will the resale values. It is important to be realistic and/or familiar with the resale values of items similar to your own. Try looking-up the CLOSED/COMPLETED sales of similar name brands online at Poshmark, eBay and ThredUp, which are important competitors of ours. Your items will be priced similarly. WE TAKE A LOT OF TIME to research and give top values on designer and exclusive items.


Formals only, every day



Formals only, every day



Formals only, every day. 

March 31,11A-6P: Drop-off day for cash, 25 items max, neatly folded into a tote or shopper bag. NO items in trash bags or on hangers will be accepted


APRIL (summer clothing, accessories, jewelry, men's summer items)

Saturday, April 15 - Sunday, April 30



MAY (summer clothing, accessories, jewelry, men's summer items)

May 22 (Monday) 11A-6P: Drop-off day for cash (see below how to participate)

May 23 (Tuesday) 11A-6P: Drop-off day for cash (see below how to participate)


JUNE (summer clothing, accessories, jewelry, men's summer items)

June 11-16 (Mon-Fri): 11A-5P walk-ins for STORE CREDIT ONLY, 25 items max

June 19-23 (Mon-Fri): 11A-5P walk-ins for STORE CREDIT ONLY, 25 items max

June 26 (Monday) 11A-5P: Drop-off day for cash (see below how to participate)

June 27 (Tuesday) 11A-5P: Drop-off day for cash (see below how to participate)


July (summer clothing, accessories, jewelry, men's summer items)

Sorry you missed "cash trades" for summer items, but please remember, we have been accepting summer items since March. There are a few more July dates to earn store credit, listed below. Otherwise, see in August when cash trading begins for FALL ITEMS.

July 10-14 (Mon-Fri): 11A-5P walk-ins for STORE CREDIT ONLY, 25 items max

July 17- Aug.4: Designer Bag Month drop-offs (see promotion details, below)



"Designer Bag Month" is an annual promotion that has had HUGE SUCCESS! It's your chance to put your designer bags in front of our highest volume of shoppers! Last year's promotion saw over 200 designer bags in the collection and we sold over 150 of them.

Here's how it works: "Designer Bag Month" runs for about a month from Sat.Aug.5-Mon.Sept.4 (Labor Day). During this time, we offer our consignors 70% of the sale on DESIGNER & VERY HIGH-END LABELS! Bags must be dropped-off for consideration from July 17-31 to be eligible.​ We will give you a receipt for your drop-off, allowing us a sufficient amount of time to authenticate and review comps on individual pieces.We will contact you before the start of the sale (by Aug.4) to discuss pricing. There is no limit to the amount of designer bags you can bring. 

If your bag sells from Sat. Aug 5-Mon.Sept.4, you will receive 70% of the sale! If your designer bag does not sell during the promotion, you can retrieve it or leave it with us for the rest of the season at a 50/50 split. Your bags will not be subject to a discount schedule of any kind. As we move through the fall months, we can discuss discounting of individual pieces or you can simply retrieve them, anytime.


August  - FALL ITEMS (clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry)

Aug.7 (Monday) 11A-5P: Drop-off day for cash (see below "How to Participate")
Aug.8 (Tuesday) 11A-5P: Drop-off day for cash (see below "How to Participate")

Aug.14-18 (Mon-Fri): 11A-5P walk-ins for STORE CREDIT ONLY, 25 items max

Aug.21-25 (Mon-Fri): 11A-5P walk-ins for STORE CREDIT ONLY, 25 items max

Aug.28-Sept.1 (Mon-Fri): 11A-5P walk-ins for STORE CREDIT ONLY, 25 items max


September - FALL ITEMS

Sept.11-15 (Mon-Fri): 11A-5P walk-ins for STORE CREDIT ONLY, 25 items max

Sept.18 (Monday) 11A-5P: Drop-off day for cash (see below "How to Participate")

Sept 19 (Monday) 11A-5P: Drop-off day for cash (see below "How to Participate")


October - FALL ITEMS



November - FALL ITEMS

VIP's only

Winter Coats on Consignment dates TBD

​Fur Coats on Consignment dates TBD