DESIGNER ITEMS: Wicked ThrIft offers 50% on consignment qualifying designer items, otherwise we will offer to buy them outright.

We're talking GUCCI, PRADA, MK, COACH, ZANOTTI, CHOO, FRYE, etc. (not to be confused with what we call "premium labels", like Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, CHICOs, etc. which are considered everyday name brands).

GET SEEN IN OUR ONLINE STORE & FACEBOOK LIVE SHOWCASE! All designer items are showcased in our weekly Facebook Live videos and some are posted to our online store, to expose them to our followers COAST-TO-COAST...we have over 10,000 friends! 

WALK-INS WELCOME: If you have designer items, come visit us anytime during store hours. We're always happy to look at designer pieces. If a value manager is not on site, please be prepared to leave your items with us, so we can perform the authentication and due diligence process .

HOW WE DETERMINE VALUE: There are several factors to consider in the valuation process. It is important to pull comps from the most popular reseller websites, where women are shopping online for similar items, so we remain competitive. Also, condition, color, rareness, collectibility all play roles in the value of your designer items.

Flip your fashion! We buy it outright.


Wicked Thrift is the only store on Cape Cod that offers up-front cash for your clothing, shoes, costume jewelry and accessories. Everyone is welcome to participate. Have fun & rock on!


If you opted into our 2018 VIP program, this year, here is a reminder of your benefits:

- You get to make private appointments with us, once a month.

- Don't want to make an appointment? You have the luxury of dropping-off your items, once a month. Only VIPs are allowed to  "drop and go".

- In addition to your monthly VIP drop, you are welcome to participate in our public walk-in days (listed above). You'll need to wait in line, though.

- Immediate cash buyout for your items, every time.

- 10% shopping discount.

- AUGUST Designer bag month:  Receive 70% on qualifying designer bags brought to us in August for a 30-day term (please note, not all bags will qualify for 70%).


​PLEASE NOTE: While we do go through seller items up until 4P, it is important to arrive as early as possible to get on the wait list. If there is still a wait line at 3P, we must cut off trading to accommodate those who are waiting.

JUNE 12, 13, 14, 15, 11A-4P
JUNE 19, 20, (no trading the 21st), 22, 11A-4P
JUNE 27, 28, 29 11A-4P

​JULY 10-13, 11A-4P
JULY 17-20, 11A-4P​​​

(no Mondays, no weekends)

- We are looking for pretty, colorful, fun, summer items. Coastal casual chic!

- We price items at around 70%OFF off the original retail price. You will receive up to 30% for your items, based on a scale of most desirable/premium.

- Must be 18yrs of age or older. State license or ID required for all.

- We will go through your items on the spot (first come, first served, expect a wait line) and evaluate each unique piece for immediate cash buyout. Have designer items? Scroll down for more info...

- No hassle, no appointments, no follow-ups, no yard sales and no more clutter! It feels great to purge & you are recycling!

- Sweet! You will also get a 10%OFF same-day shopping discount!